not being at comic con like 
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i wanna be one of those people who does yoga at sunrise and drinks water out of mason jars filled with berries and twigs and shit


yeah that’s what i meant

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Do you ever start watching an episode on your laptop

and then randomly pause it

and next you know you’re on tumblr

and suddenly it’s taken you 2 hours to watch a 40 minute episode

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Sheep used for wool are CASTRATED without painkillers, tails CHOPPED off & throats slit, just for a pair of UGG Australia boots, a wool sweater, or jacket:

People still buy these ugly disgusting things. Even when I tell them about the animals that died for their ugly boots they don’t care.

I don’t agree with ugg boots but this is actually bullshit.1. Lamb marking (cutting off tails) is done so that the sheep doesnt get flyblown when summer comes. Flyblown is where flies lay their eggs near the anus of a sheep, when they hatch maggots eat at the inside of the sheep colon, infesting it with bacteria which can eventually kill them, slowly and very painfully.2. Shearing does not injure a sheep, I don’t know about other countries but I’m sure its the same as Australia when if you do not shear them, they DO eventually become flyblown. 3. You CANNOT use wool if it has been contaminated by BLOOD. It cannot be skirted out like poo and urine does by the roustabouts. 4. Once a sheep has had its ‘throat slit’ it cannot be sheared for the same reason as 3. It has no advantage for anyone by killing their livestock if they are in the wool industry. I don’t care about your decision to hate ugg boots, you probably don’t give a flying shit about mine but DO NOT spread this bullshit information when the wool industry does not work that way.

Peta and their bullshit

You do not have to condone woollen clothing (if you’re vegan/simply disagree with animals being used by humans for clothing even if they are not harmed by the process) but for the love of god don’t resort to slinging misinformation around to get your point across, damn.

we used to take care of a herd of sheep on the farm when i was a kid and all of this is true i can’t tell you how many sheep i’ve seen being sheared like you don’t skin them to get the wool they’re still very much alive afterwards do not spread this ‘ruthless cruelty’ bullshit around please and thank you

I own sheep like you cut the wool off and let me just tell you after the wool is off the sheep go fucking insane they are never as happy as when they’ve had a fresh hair cut they run and jump and it’s fucking cute okay so DONT
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reblog if your mother no longer sets your bedtime and your life has lost all structure

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one of my main nicknames courtesy of my family is “emmy” and my uncle was like “what if you marry a guy named anthony whose nickname is tony then you’d be emmy and tony” 

and then “what if his last name was award”

and then my cousin put in “if you have a son you could name him oscar”

emmy, tony, and oscar award


oh my god

sell oscar to leonardo dicaprio

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